Friday 8 January 2016

Battle Background Part Two

 Battle Background Part Two
I thought it was time for a little information and clarification about how things stand with the biosolids issue. Some in the community have expressed the opinion that this issue is over, the threat ended. This is far from true. The five local chiefs are presently meeting with the government to discuss the complexities of this problem. The chiefs are at these meetings to make sure the moratorium is respected, and no further biosolids will be sent into this valley. The government is at these meetings in an attempt to find a means to renew the hauling of biosolids into the area. At best we are at a standstill. It need hardly be said that should talks break down, for whatever reason, that we will be back out at the "blockade" sites enforcing the moratorium!
Meanwhile, the great dedication and energy of our local TNRD rep’s Randy Murray and Herb Graham, has successfully swayed a vast number of BC Regional rep’s to support changes to the way biosolids are managed in BC. Going forward, the government in office may or may not accept their suggested changes to these guidelines. We certainly hope they will listen to our elected representatives!


As more and more people around the province (and indeed around the world) are becoming aware of the dangers inherent in the disposal of the sewage sludge in the form of biosolids, onto agricultural and forest lands, other options are gaining traction! One of these, pyrolysis, is being looked at by many communities (including the recent contract signed between Kore Infrastructure and the city of Los Angeles) as a cleaner (almost zero emissions) solution that can actually pay for itself, put energy back into the grid, and not jeopardize future generations with an unnecessary toxic burden.
The Friends of the Nicola Valley Society is still growing, with the Facebook page membership around 1700 strong. The FB page and website ( continue to serve our community (and many other groups around North America battling the same issue) by publishing related news, local updates and scientific articles.
I am happy to be able to announce that we will be having our 1st Year Anniversary potluck and fundraiser event on January 30, 2016 from 5-11pm at the Civic Centre. Everyone is welcome to this great evening of entertainment and community building! We will be posting more information about the bands and entertainers as the date nears.
Our essential message has not changed since the start of our campaign: the land application of sewer sludge (as biosolids) must cease, and other, greener and sustainable methods of dealing with waste should be pursued. The government has a duty to act with precaution when the health of its citizens (and the health of the environment) is threatened. There is sufficient evidence from objective, arm’s length studies, that biosolids do indeed pose a serious risk. And by the way, it bears repeating that it is the rural folks who are being asked to carry the burden of this risk. It is the cities that profit by this method of cheap toxin dispersal throughout the countryside. It is after all their sewage, loaded with their pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, street drugs, and all manner of toxins that we out here in the country are being asked to accommodate. This just is not fair. It is time for change, and we will be standing firm to make this happen.