Sunday, 13 March 2016

Sowing Sludge, Reaping Death

Sowing Sludge, Reaping Death


If you had been on the fence about the pros and cons of using sewer sludge (aka biosolids) as an agricultural fertilizer, a read through some of the most recent scientific literature should leave you in no doubt - THIS STUFF IS TOXIC !! THIS PRACTICE IS RECKLESS!! TIME TO STOP THE LAND-APPLICATION OF BIOSOLIDS!!

Take a look at these recent publications from just the past two or three weeks -

1. Eating Meat Grazed on Human Sewage Might Lower Female Fertility

2. Deadly superbugs from hospitals get stronger in the sewers

3. Scientists’ open letter on the dangers of biosolids

4. Biosolids: More Harm than Good - MOTHER EARTH NEWS

5. Are Prescription Drugs on Your Menu for Dinner?

6. Environmental and health problems from using sewage sludge 

7.   Lidia Epp, Molecular Biologist reflects on Biosolids



These should be quite enough to convince any rational being that we must invoke the Precautionary Principle, and cease using our farmlands and forests as toxin dispersal sites. There are greener alternatives !!