Saturday, 26 November 2016

Three Informed Views on Sewer Sludge (aka Biosolids)

Three Informed Views on Sewer Sludge (aka Biosolids)

Dr. Caroline Snyder - "Land-applied municipal sewage sludge (biosolids) is a highly complex and unpredictable mixture of biological and chemical pollutants. Biosolids generated in our large industrialized urban centers is very likely the most pollutant- rich waste mixture of the 21st century."

Dr. Marilyn Cameron - "We are concerned that farmers are not being provided adequate information about biosolids and the negative impacts that its use could have on your soils, and surface water sources, livestock health, and property values. Farmers will be the ones left paying the price for any damaged land, contaminated water, or human, wildlife and livestock illnesses, etc. Farmers may also suffer losses resulting from lack of consumer confidence in local foods"
Dr. Richard Honour - ""Few in any governments appreciate that nearly all chronic diseases are caused by long-term exposure to low levels of environmental contaminants and pollutants. We should be trying to minimize this exposure, not amplifying it. It is time to end land disposal of Toxic Sewer sludge, and look at cleaner, greener alternatives - gasification / pyrolysis."

Let's get on the right side of history, and use this waste resource to make energy. It is time to stop covering Mother Earth with our cities' toxic sewage.

For more on this reckless practice please see -

Great jobs available in Soil Science, Agronomy & Agrology

Great jobs available in Soil Science, Agronomy & Agrology 

1. Learn all about how wonderful nature is.
2. Learn about how wonderful and complex soils are.
3. Learn all about the mycorrhizal world, and the awesome living dynamic world under our feet.
4. Then learn about just how many toxins you can spread (in sewer sludge / biosolids) over a given area in order to “fertilize” a given crop, while trying to keep all that wonder you’ve learned about still alive …
5. Learn how to sell a product that is partially a “fertilizer” but primarily a toxic waste product.
6. Learn to be a cog in the city waste disposal system.
7. Learn how to deceive farmers about the real product you wish to disperse on their beloved family farms
8. Learn how to employ techniques like obfuscation, deception, and half-truths
9. Learn how to sell out the future for your own personal aggrandizement now
10. Learn how to attract donors from Big Sludge to invest in your so-called “research”
11. Learn how to use language in new ways – “organic” will begin to mean “waste containing thousands of contaminants with some organic matter” and “sustainable” will mean “usable up to the point where we can’t apply any more toxins in a given area” … just to take two examples
12. Learn to find that “sweet spot” – the absolute threshold of toxins you can deposit on a poor farmer’s field and still keep it producing … and you’ll get paid for this talent !!
13. Learn how it is easy to disperse of extra toxic waste around tailing ponds, old mining operations, and industrial sites (under the guise of “fertilizing”) as the existing contaminants will make your culpability in further environmental degradation almost impossible to prove.

Agrology and Agronomy have seen quite a few changes over the years. Perhaps the most exciting (and lucrative) has been the time after regulations made ocean, lake, and river dispersal of city toxic waste illegal – It was simply too much pollution, and it was ruining our bodies of water. They did try incineration over the years too, but then a “clean air” act made that also a dead-end for our waste disposal. Some clever person thought about the last remaining option (other than flying it to the Moon) – land disposal of our toxic burden – and here we are today. Dear Mother Earth, and her soils, which are meant to sustain us, are now used as disposal sites for our toxic waste – under the guise of “fertilizer”

Agronomists and Agrologists call themselves “keepers of the land”
I think it is time they lived up to that name. It is time they stopped lining up at the Big Sludge money trough and started to defend the soils they pretend to love.

They are supposed to be guided by a code of ethics and be “responsible for protecting the interests of the public.” They claim to be “leaders in environmental sustainability” Well folks – spreading the toxic burden of our cities onto or farmlands and forests is not sustainable – it is short-sighted and reckless.

So Yes, there are Great jobs available in Soil Science, Agronomy & Agrology – just be ready and willing to sell your soul to the dark side!