Saturday, 9 January 2016

Alternatives to Land Application

What alternatives are available then?  

Both gasification and pyrolysis are improving by leaps and bounds as  good "green" alternatives to land application. For more on these please see:

Scientific American - The Future of Sewage is Power and Profits

Kore and EWS are emerging as the pyrolysis players in the North America market -

 ( )

Emergent Waste Solutions, Advanced Pyrolysis System - -

An Austrian System - making biochar fertilizer with Sludge -

GLES - Waste to Energy by pyrolysis  -

Great new technology -

Japan is making energy with their Sewer Sludge -

Toronto ponders making energy from sludge -

BBC NEWS - Poop into Profit

Dealing with sewage the Swiss way - sustainable and clean

(I will be posting more here in the near future as this is such an important concern)